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It’s true, this year I made over $1.8 million this year alone on ClickBank and I’ve become #1 ClickBank in the world using this system.
How did I do it? I use a simple 3 step system using just ClickBank and Facebook.
In this case study video I want to share with you an overview of how I was able to reach this level of success so that you can have the same type of success.
If you are looking to make money online on ClickBank, then this FREE video is for you!
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12 Minute Affiliate author

About 12 Minute Affiliate System

Yes, It Is a 100% Legit

The 12 Minute affiliate system has a revolutionary approach that gives a all the basic to advance idea of Affiliate Marketing. Yes, through the 12MA System you definitely can earn money online, even if you don’t have any technical skill. In the beginning I didn’t have any idea about how it works, 12MA helps me to learn from the stretch and Now I am making lots-of money online through Affiliate Marketing.

How It Works Actually?

Have you heard of Sleep-Sales Technology?

It’s the “secret sauce” that’s allowing everyday people to get HUGE results with Devon Brown’s 12 Minute Affiliate System.

So, just what is Sleep-Sales Technology”

Well, the short answer is that it’s technology that allows you to make sales (and commissions) while you sleep.

But I’m sure you already guessed that by the name – LOL

The full answer goes like this…

If you want to make commissions online, then the idea is simple:

You’re going to need to send traffic (website visitors) to a web-page that offers a product that the traffic is hopefully interested in buying.

But there’s just one problem with this…

The TRUTH of the matter is that it often takes seeing an offer (product) 5… 10… even 20 times before someone will buy it.

This means that if you only have one chance to sell them, you’re doomed to failure.


If you have a system that can follow up with them (for months) …

And can do so while you sleep

Then your likelihood of success gets MUCH better.

That’s what Sleep-Sales Technology is all about.

The ability to automatically send professionally written follow-up messages that offer high-converting products, to people who have expressed interest.

And that’s where the 12 Minute Affiliate System comes in…

Normally, setting a system up from scratch would require months of work, thousands of dollars, and lots of knowledge.

But you won’t have to struggle with any of that.

Because with our system, you could have everything up and running BEFORE you go to bed tonight.

So, are you ready to use the power of Sleep-Sales Technology in your business (and life)?

If so, just go here to get started.

See you on the inside!

Try this for only $9.95

What can you get for $9.95?

Maybe a couple up-sized meals at a fast-food drive through?

Or two large caramel lattes from an overpriced coffee shop?

But what if instead, you could get something way more valuable?

Well, if you are looking for a simple, step-by-step blueprint for pocketing daily commissions online… you can.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

Right now, …

At this very moment…

 You can activate your test-drive of “The 12 Minute Affiliate System” for just $9.95  (even if it’s 2AM)

Surely, you’ll get more value out of that than a chicken-nugget meal… right?

Everyday people from all around the world are using this system to pocket as much as $480 in a single day!

So, invest wisely

// Do This If you really want to earn money online

  1. Stop whatever you’re doing…
  2. Go ahead and shut the door…
  3. Turn off your phone…
  4. Remove all distractions because you’re REALLY going to want to see this!

You’re about to discover how a BREAKTHROUGH SOFTWARE uses something called “Sleep-Sales Technology” to help everyday people (just like you), get awesome results in their own online business…

… Some as quickly as their first week!

There has literally NEVER been a system like this for building your email list, and pocketing DAILY affiliate commissions.

And the best part is that the system is LITERALLY easier than ‘copy & paste’

If they can do it, so can you.

How to make your first $100 online

I’ve heard it a million times…

I’m going to quit my job, I’m going to start my own business, I’m going to live where I want, and I’m going to live the dream…

Enough talk.

Everyone’s got a vision.


What exactly have you done lately to make it come true?

Not much, you say?

If everyone suddenly got injected with the truth serum, you’d hear people talk a different game:

Hi, my name is so and so. I’ve got huge dreams. But I’m a failure, because I did nothing to make these dreams come true. I’m too afraid to start. I procrastinate about taking action. I will probably never do anything or amount to anything in my life, because I choose to stay in my comfort zone.

Incidentally, the first step to changing your life is to be honest about how you feel.

Are you afraid?

Are you anxious?

Do you procrastinate?


This means you have to start with a tiny step.

Something that isn’t as intimidating as making a million dollars in the next 12 months.

How about making your first $100.00 online?

Doesn’t sound too far out of reach, right?

12 Minute Affiliate System is a great place to start

Personal Experience With The System

How I Started this and Now I am a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Just a few months back, I was also looking for a way to earn online money because I was fired from my job. My wife was also doing two jobs because of his jobless husband. But I had a very strong desire to earn money online and I knew I could make it work.

I took many courses and did multiple online businesses like Fiverr and Dropshipping in the past but I never succeeded.

Until one day I figured out a new way to earn money online where I don’t have to find or create a product or do endless customer support to deal with an inventory.

In that new business, I had to do only ONE THING and that was market those products online on a platform like Facebook Ads And that business was Affiliate Marketing

So, If you want to learn how I got these amazing results from affiliate marketing then my mentor is doing a Free Training where you can learn how to get these amazing results like me.

Still Have A Questions?

Here is FAQ's

12 Minute Affiliate is a revolutionary new system that simplifies the process of making online commissions with affiliate marketing.

With 12 Minute Affiliate there are no products to create, websites to host, copy to write, or techie stuff to figure out!
NO – The 12 Minute Affiliate System is 100% newbie-friendly. So, even if you’re a complete newbie, you can use this system with ease.
But just in case you’re nervous, we also have a private Facebook community, ongoing trainings (for FREE), and you can even get private 1-on-1 coaching!
The #1 difference that separates 12 Minute Affiliate System from everything else is the simplicity of the process. All of the websites, funnels, emails, etc… are already done for you. You just have to personalize the system so that YOU get the affiliate commissions. The system answers the #1 question that keeps most people from ever getting results: “What do I do next?”
Most other systems claim to be easy and “non-techie”… but they’re not! 12 Minute Affiliate really is! Heck, we even provide a done-for-you traffic service (based on your budget) so that you don’t have to figure out how to get targeted traffic to your new affiliate funnels.
You don’t have to worry about any of that stuff, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve been helping people succeed online for more than 11 years, so we know the challenges and obstacles in your way better than you know them yourself.
All we ask it that you trust that we’ve removed the obstacles for you, and give the system a try TODAY!

NO! This is “Get Everything Up and Running QUICK”. Ultimately, your success will be based on your consistency. But you already know that.

YES! We’re really giving you a FREE VACATION, and no, it’s not a time-share or anything like that. All you have to do to get your vacation is give the system an HONEST try. Get everything set up, get a little bit of traffic, and then choose from our list of exotic locations.
Here’s why we do it…
I know that if you give the system an HONEST try, then you’re going to love it. So, I’m willing to ethically bribe you with a free vacation just to get you to give the system a real shot. 
Once you start getting the results you’ve always wanted, I know you’ll be with us for a long time. 
It’s Easy…
STEP 1: Click the “get started” button on this page to start your no-risk trial for just a few dollars. If you like the system, you can keep it for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day. 
STEP 2: Follow the simple QUICK-START CHECKLIST to get your system up and running (or choose to have us set the system up for you). 
STEP 3: Order some done-for-you traffic to your system based on your budget (it’s literally as easy as ordering a pizza) and from there, the system builds your list and promotes affiliate products for you while you sleep.
Every time someone buys one of the affiliate products your system is promoting, YOU keep 100% of the commissions paid to you!
I have no earthly idea. The FASTEST we’ve ever seen someone make their first commission with this system is 48 hours. But that’s not typical.
That being said, it’s not uncommon for our members to start seeing people on their email list their very first week, and even see their first affiliate sale shortly thereafter. Ultimately your results are based 100% on YOUR efforts and your ability to follow exact instructions.
Great question. As you already know, getting everything set up by yourself would easily cost thousands of dollars. But you won’t have to pay anything close to that with our system. 
Here’s a Breakdown
– You try the system for just $9.95
– You keep the system for as little as $47/month 
– Your auto-responder (which allows you to make sales while you sleep), is only about $0.63 cents a day
– And then your traffic is based on YOUR budget!

YES! – We offer a 60-Day, Ironclad Money Back Guarantee. If for ANY reason you feel that we didn’t deliver everything that we claimed on this page, or if you’re just not happy with the results you are getting from 12 Minute Affiliate, simply submit a refund request within the refund period, and we will return every single penny to you.

That depends on how much money you want to make and how much success you want to have. If you want to be able to create commissions on demand, the most important thing you can do is join our free trainings and hang out with us in our private Facebook group. Once your system is up and running, I’ll show you how to 3X… 5X… or even 10X your results by learning a few key skills you can complete in about 5 hours a week!

STEP 1. Click the button on this page to activate your system test-drive for just $9.95
STEP 2. Follow super easy instructions. THAT’S IT!
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